Do you know the DAmeter?

If you are here you might already know the DAmeter.

In case you don’t, let me introduce you to this innovative tool.

Who needs the DAmeter and why?

The DAmeter is a tool for growers, an innovative help to know when to harvest fruit such as apples, peaches, kiwis, pears, apricots and others. In fact it is capable of monitoring their ripening without destroying the product in order to choose the best moment to pick.

In the post-harvest it can be used by the places for storing and packing to divide fruits in ripening classes or in other words in groups of homogeneous maturation level. This could be very useful in order not to waste food for a wrong estimate of storage duration and shelf life.

Besides DAmeter could be very useful for the retailer to decide which fruit should be sold before others basing his choice on a measurement of ripeness.

Why are we starting a blog about this tool?

In this blog we are going to keep you updated about all next DAmeter innovations.

By means of the future posts published on this site we intend to discuss with you about the application of this tool in order to achieve a deeper awareness of its potential.

However the most important thing and the reason why we started this blog is that we think it’s essential to open a place for dialogue with our clients and with everyone who is interested in the DAmeter and topics related with its application.

We need your feedback and your contribution to improve our work.

Please, do not hesitate to comment.